Himalayan Salt Blocks
himalayan horse salt blocks
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A Supplement for your Horses: Old-fashioned & traditional salt blocks are being fed to horses since decades that became a tradition among horse owners. But every tradition has an era. Thus, traditional salt blocks' era has been taken over by the great Himalayan Pink Salt Blocks. Same shape & size as traditional ones, but these Himalayan pink salt blocks, for years the stuff of local dairy houses, are today available at specialty retail stores around the world. And the market is growing. But, Why?

Because these hHimalayan pink salt blocks are nothing but 100% natural mineral, mined directly from the eons-old deposits in the Ancient Himalayan Salt Mountains. No baked, pressed, or processed blocks, like the traditional ones. Their distinctive rosy pink color comes from the salt's high trace minerals and elements content, such as iron, potassium and magnessium, which are all vital for maintaining and improving horses' health. These pink salt blocks are literally rock-hard so your horses can not bite chunks off the block, they can just lick it! Also, these Himalayan pink salt blocks are weather resistant, means you can leave these blocks outside in the horse field, they don't melt in mush!
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No. of Blocks Price $$
1 13.79
6 59.75
12 109.89
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NSB-001-0001 Natural Himalayan Salt Blocks - 1 piece
NSB-001-0002 Natural Himalayan Salt Blocks - 6 pieces
NSB-001-0003 Natural Himalayan Salt Blocks - 12 pieces
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