About us

Lets us say few words about us. Its actually about the Salt licks and blocks.

We have been in the business of selling Himalayan Salt Licks and Salt Blocks for over 8 years now.

We were totally amazed when we were shown salt in the form of a rock, and not a powder as we thought it to always be when we were children. This salt was stunningly beautiful with its rich colors showing off all the minerals that it contained.

We started to do a lot of research at this natural wonder that our friends showed us and everything that we discovered about it was nothing short of being remarkable. Himalayan Salt is the most natural and most pure and is unbaked and unprocessed, it is left as Mother Nature intended it to be. In our research we discovered all of the health benefits that Himalayan salt actually has to humans and animals alike.

Alexander the great’s horses used to lick the stones in the caves when they were resting, and it would cure whatever was ailing them. We discover that Himalayan pink salt has many benefits for respiration, nerves and skin conditions in humans as well as salt licks & salt blocks to recover horses and other livestock from their dehydration stage!

After giving some of the salt to a relative who had skin allergies, she used it in baths and she is fine now.

Also, we gifted some salt rocks to one our horse fellows in Brooklyn, he offered the salt rocks to his horse who gave up the licking literally after 20 minutes!

After seeing all of the health benefits of this beautiful salt wonder, we decided to open an online store so that the people of United States can reach these great Himalayan salt licks in an easy and affordable manner. These salt blocks not only do all of that, they are beautiful & gorgeous to look at!