What are Salt Licks & Salt Blocks?
A brief description of Himalayan Salt Licks

What are salt licks and salt blocks?

What are Salt Licks & Salt Blocks?

If there is one thing horses love—and absolutely need—it is a salt lick. However, many salt licks and salt blocks that horse lovers find on the market are incredibly expensive, heavy, have been baked to lose all minerals and nutrients, or simply can be too easily bitten.

Salt Licks' Hardness

The wonderful thing about Himalayan salt licks and salt blocks that have been mined from some of the best mines in the foothills of the Himalayas is that these are rock solid. It takes incredible miner strength and special tools to wrench these solid rocks of healthy himalayan pink salts from the earth—and no horse can chew through these salt licks and salt blocks.

Salt Licks & Salt Blocks are Unbaked

Additionally, instead of the baked, hard bricks of regular salt, those who care about what their horses are ingesting will rest easy knowing they are being given the equivalent of healthy vitamins with each horse salt licks. The salt we use is premium Himalayan pink salt, which contains a wealth of health-boosting vitamins and minerals that have accumulated over the centuries.

Choose to give your horse the very best—for a low price by taking a look at some of our premium Himalayan horse salt licks.

Our sturdy, all-natural Himalayan horse salt licks provide the hardness you need to ensure your horses won’t bite through the healthy salts. All the benefits of salt licks and salt blocks can be satisfactorily availed because these are the naturally mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt that we specialize in.

Each & every salt licks come on a thick rope so you can hang it with ease and is built with the strength of horses in mind. In a word—these are durable! in addition to many physical as well as healthy benefits of

These rock-solid and nutrient rich horse salt licks come in a variety of weights. Please notice that the weights vary. Since you’re getting raw, pure natural Himalayan pink salt that has been mined directly from the source, the weight can vary from block to block.

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