Salt Licks make Horses Drink More
Horses drink more fluid after using salt licks

Salt Licks make horses drink more

Salt Licks make Horses Drink More

Salt Licks make horses drink more water simply because licking the salt causes them to drink more water. And it's always good for your horses to drink plenty of water, so they don't get dehydrated as easily. Salt Licks give them the salt they may be lacking from food or their genetic makeup. Also, without any salt licks or salt blocks the horses will not be getting the nutrients they need. You may read more on what are salt licks & Salt Blocks?

Salt Licks v/s Loose Pink Salt

On the other hand, some horses cannot lick a salt block nearly as efficiently as other horse do. So we need to use salt licks and salt blocks as a constant backup, but we also need to put out a few tablespoons of loose pink salt per horse each day. Horse owners mostly give salt in the summer and winter this way, and it works well. So, you can buy bags of loose pink salt in the form of Fine Coarse Ground Himalayan salt at the best affordable and competitive price.

Horses need more access to the Salt

Horse need more salt than other trace minerals. If your horse is out all day and in a stall at night, then there should be a salt lick or salt block in the field, and one in the stall next to the water trough. The horses in the loose shed may use a salt lick in the hay manger and the others have the 'bricks' in their mangers. This way, the horse will have more access to the salt. Remember, some horses prefer the salt bricks and others prefer the chunks of rock salt. Anyways, if they are outside a lot and sweat it helps replenish them. So that is proved that the horses need more access to the salt.

Salt Licks are good

So, the Salt Licks are good for horses, because they are vital since horses need free choice access to salt all year long. These salt licks are good in that they provide salt without dissolving quickly in the rain, they don't blow away like loose salt does, and some horses enjoy licking them. There are also healthy and funny benefits of Himalayan salt blocks and salt licks.

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