Dehydration and Hydration
How to deal with Dehydration and Hydration in Horses?

Dehydration and Hydration in Horses

What is Dehydration and Hydration?

We should know about the dehydration as well as hydration. Sometime we feel so thirsty that when we drink some water it is the best drink we ever had. This level of thirst means we don’t have enough water in our body. And, that level of thirst is known as the State of Dehydration, which means that our body is in a state of not having enough water for it to function optimally. Signs that your body is in dehydration include muscle cramps, confusion, rapid pulse, and headaches. In order to get your body back into its normal state, you had to go through the process of replacing the missing water in your body, and when your body has enough water that means your body is back in the state of Hydration. How do we know that our body is in hydration state? Very simple! One way to know that your body is no longer in dehydration is that the signs of dehydration will disappear rather promptly.

Dehydration and Hydration in Horses

Same phenomena of dehydration and hydration apply in horses. Water is necessary for all life on earth including our horses. Insufficient water intake by our horses can result in maladies ranging from minor fatigue and muscle aches to severe colic and even death.

An average healthy horse consumes approximately 10 gallons of water each day. Pound-for-pound, that’s nearly four times the amount of food required on a daily basis for optimal health.

To be ensured our horses are drinking enough to stay sufficiently hydrated, we need to know the signs and symptoms of dehydration.

Salt Licks and Dehydration in Horses

Let's move forward. We have heard a popular proverb that " You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink ". But as equestrians, we also know sometimes making horses drink is absolutely vital to their health. And making our horses drink more is easier with salt, and especially with Himalayan pink salt. So, we must need to know how to make horses drink with Himalayan Pink Salt? For horses this Himalayan salt comes in the form of salt licks on a rope. After licking the Himalayan salt licks or Himalayan salt blocks for few minutes you will see your horse’s head in the water bucket! We have explained in separate articles on what are salt licks & salt blocks and what are the health benefits of salt licks and salt blocks?

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