100% Natural Himalayan Salt Supplement for your Horses Some fundamental benefits we may list for you, such as:
If there is one thing horses love—and absolutely need—it is a salt lick. However, many salt licks that horse lovers find on the market are incredibly expensive, heavy, have been baked to lose all minerals and nutrients, or simply can be too easily bitten.

The wonderful thing about Himalayan salt that has been mined from some of the best mines in the foothills of the Himalayas is that it is rock solid. It takes incredible miner strength and special tools to wrench these solid rocks of healthy salt from the earth—and no horse can chew through these bricks.

Additionally, instead of the baked, hard bricks of regular salt, those who care about what their horses are ingesting will rest easy knowing they are being given the equivalent of healthy vitamins with each lick. The salt we use is premium Himalayan salt, which contains a wealth of health-boosting vitamins and minerals that have accumulated over the centuries.
  1. Easy Handling: Weighing just 3.5 to 9 pounds, they are easy to handle, carry and hang – even a 6-year-old child can carry & hang these light-weight salt blocks.

  2. No-Mess: No Holder is required! Each Licking-Salt Block comes on a rope! No nasty wire frame to mount, bending nails, smashing fingers. Your hose can not knock it to the floor and pee on it! (And even if he does somehow do that, just scrub it off and re-use)
  3. No-Bite: They are mined salt crystals, means they are literally rock-and-stone hard. Your horse can not bite or eat it, he just licks it.
  4. Field-Item: Since these are Rocky-Stony Salt Blocks, they don’t melt into mush when they are left outside in the horse field.