Horse Salt Licks
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What are Horse Salt Licks and Blocks?
Himalayan Salt Blocks for Horses and other Livestock

Horse Salt Licks

The Himalayan Horse Salt Licks are A 550 million year old sources of minerals and trace elements for your horse and pony. Mined from the vast and ancient Himalayan Salt Mountains, transported down steep passes on the backs of Yaks, and providing the mountain people with one of their main sources of income, these salt licks must be the purest form of salt available.
Salt Licks come on a rope which allows easy mobility from stable to paddock. By moving the salt licks from stable at night, to the paddock during the day, you are allowing your horse to ‘self dose’ by giving them access to a constant replacement of electrolytes lost through perspiration.

4 Benefits of Himalayan Horse Salt Licks

Salt Licks’ Easy Handling

Weighing just 4 to 10 pounds, salt licks are easy to handle, carry and hang - even a 6-year-old child can carry & hang these light-weight salt blocks.

No-Mess Salt Licks!

Each Salt Lick comes on a rope! No nasty wire frame to mount, bending nails, smashing fingers. Your horse can not knock it to the floor and pee on i! (And even if he does somehow do that, just scrub it off and re-use)

No-Bite Salt Licks

Also, as these salt licks and salt blocks are mined salt crystals, means they are literally rock-hard. Your horse can not bite or eat it, he just licks it.

No-Melt Salt Licks

Even, when these salt licks are hung outside, they don't melt into mush, because they are rock-hard.

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