Benefits of Himalayan Horse Salt Licks and Salt Blocks
Health Benefits & Easy Handling

Need salt? Make it easy to feed with a salt lick! Salt is an important part of any horse's diet. It helps regulate the body's fluids and helps control electrical impulses in nerves and muscles. But most equine feeds don't provide enough salt needed for a horse's diet. Check out our top reasons to try a free-choice salt source like the Himalayan salt licks & blocks and let your horse feed his nutritional need.

Benefits of Himalayan Horse Salt Licks and Blocks

Salt blocks are very important for your horse because most horse feeds are low in sodium and chloride.

• A great value! Salt licks last approximately 4-6 months.

• Great boredom breakers - your horse is less likely to chew.

• Horse love them...they're satisfying and nutritious.

• Easy to place in a bucket or feeder.

• 100% natural!

• No added sugar, sweeteners or molasses.

• Ideal for cribbers and chewers!

• Horse determines the need for salt, herbs and minerals.

• Fence Feeders accommodate Himalayan Horse Salt Licks.

Busy and Savvy horseman of today likes the Himalayan Horse Salt Licks & Blocks.

These horse salt blocks & licks are mined from the eons-old deposits in the Ancient Himalayan Mountains. Their natural rosy pink color proves the presence of trace minerals and elements that our horses need. So, the Himalayan Salt is the healthiest nutrition for your horse and other livestock as compared to the old-fashioned baked & pressed salt blocks.

So, get your horse the following benefits of Himalayan Salt Blocks & Licks:

Easy Handling:

Weighing just 3.5 to 9 pounds, they are easy to handle, carry and hang – even a 6-year-old child can carry & hang these light-weight salt blocks.

No-Mess: No Holder is required!

Each Licking-Salt Block comes on a rope! No nasty wire frame to mount, bending nails, smashing fingers. Your hose can not knock it to the floor and pee on it! (And even if he does somehow do that, just scrub it off and re-use)


They are mined salt crystals, means they are literally rock-and-stone hard. Your horse can not bite or eat it, he just licks it.


Since these are Rocky-Stony Salt Blocks, they don’t melt into mush when they are left outside in the horse field.

Horseman dislikes the heavy, no-grip, back-breaking, nail & finger-smashing, old-fashioned, baked salt blocks.

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